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Gregg Patterson our CEO, and the IMS team have worked with numerous organizations to successfully manage crisis situations.

While all this work is confidential, we can supply references.

accounting business crisis management meeting

What is Crisis Management?

 Crisis Management is an organization’s process- and strategy-based approach for identifying and responding to a threat, an unanticipated event, or any negative disruption with the potential to harm people, property, or business processes. A crisis management plan defines how an organization will respond in case of a crisis and helps minimize the damage caused by a negative event.

How Can IMS Help?

IMS can help when crisis hits your business. We can produce a plan of action while working closely with your team to address the issues your business might be facing whether that be Cash Flow Issues, Staff Conflicts or Sudden Employee Loss. Once a plan of action is set in place we can help your business put measures in place and help provide solutions so these conflicts can be avoided in the future.


accounting cash flow diagram

Cash Flow Issues

We bring in our experienced financial team to work with your team to develop a plan of action 

accounting business employer practice

Employer Practice Issues

We partner with your labor law legal team to resolve internal employment issues. 

accounting business management meeting

Staff Conflicts

We will help you build a functional employment team.

accounting financial records management

Incorrect Financial Records

We are experienced in reconstructing financial records.

accounting business staff meeting

Sudden Loss of Key Employees

We will provide you with interim qualified & experienced staff while you search for replacements. 

accounting business pending lawsuits

Pending Lawsuits

We work with your legal team to maximize your outcome.

IMS simplifies running your business.

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