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Be confident that your accounting records are accurate with up-to-date financial information.  

Whether you need to outsource your accounting department or just need someone to oversee and support the work of your existing in-house financial staff, we can provide you with fast and accurate accounting solutions.

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If you need professional accounting staff a few hours per week, or need interim staffing, we customize our services to meet your needs. 

Accounting Staff includes:
  • Bookkeepers

  • Staff Accountants

  • MBA's 

  • CPA's

Bookkeepers are trained professionals who have an accounting degree or may be in the process of completing their degrees. All of our accounting staff are certified and/or have a master’s degree, and bring years of industry experience working for businesses and non-profits. Our bookkeepers are supervised by our professional accountants.

  • Posting to general ledger

  • Processing checks & payments 

  • Recording receipts

  • Reconciling accounts 

  • Managing payroll

  • Clerical support

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An IMS outsourced controller has the industry and financial experience to help you focus on your core business functions instead of day-to-day details.

A controller (or accounting manager) tends to be very technical and less operational in nature. They will ensure your financial statements are complete, accurate, and presented within the guidelines of GAAP. Essentially, they are crucial to having a successful financial reporting function.

A Controller will:
  • Accurately report the historical performance of the business

  • Stay up to date on technical accounting pronouncements to make sure financial statements are presented accurately

  • Be the lead individual to coordinate and handle various audits of historical information within the business

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  • Budgeting, forecasting, and projections

  • Monthly financial close and process improvements

  • Assistance with complex accounting issues

  • Back office and accounting staff work reviews

  • Audit preparation and liaison with audit firm

  • Compilation report services

  • Dashboards, key metric benchmarking, trend analysis development, and detailed analytics

  • Accounting software selection and implementation

  • HR Support


The Chief Financial Officer has a much larger role in an organization than a financial controller does. While the controller is the head of the accounting in a company, the CFO is responsible for, and has to observe, every financial and operative function of the organization.

A CFO takes on a more operational focus in regard to financial management:
  • Analyzing numbers and recognizing any issues, in order to drive action

  • Management of processes to ensure the utmost efficiency

  • Eliminating surprises so other members of the C-Suite can focus on the most important thing – running and promoting the business

Many times, we can provide variety of customized services for just a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house CFO or Controller.


IMS simplifies running your business.

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